Kern Private Capital (KPC) Copy Trade System

KPC is a leading copy trade platform provider in the financial market.

Kern Private Capital (KPC) Copy Trade System

We provide solutions for institutional parties, including brokers, banks, hedge funds and fund management company. We lighten their technological burden by offering a comprehensive copy trade platform to solve the issue of their client’s account allocation and access to world-class fund manager’s trade signal for their client’s sake. With our Global Data Hub technology, clients can copy trade from various fund managers from any brokerage.

What Can We Do

For Institutes

By using our platform, we enable institutes to manage their clients with our leading copy trade system and provide additional value by linking up their clients with experienced traders from other institutions through our Zero Boundaries Copy Trade technology. For example, broker A’s clients can copy trade from broker B’s masters.

For Individual Clients

We enable our clients to instantly copy the trades of experienced traders from another broker site with our unique combined technology of Global Data Hub and Zero Boundaries Copy Trades.

Advantages of KPC

Since its establishment, KPC has grown to become one of the most participative institutional copy trade platforms in the OTC (Over-The-Counter) Derivatives market. We pride ourselves on conducting all businesses with integrity and complete transparency.

Trade Safety

All trades pricing and data from our partner brokers are conducted via straight-through processing to the financial market and regulated under the ASIC license.

Zero Boundaries Copy Trade Technology

The existing auto trading technology did not allow trading multiple accounts simultaneously since scaling problems could occur on the broker’s side.

We sat down with the brokers and redesigned the APIs (in some cases, KPC developed APIs of its own) to accommodate all demands on a large scale.

Additionally, brokers offered non-functional APIs, which had to be redeveloped to accommodate multiple accounts all at once effectively.

Global Data Hub technology

Clients can directly copy the trades executed under Metaquotes trade server using our unique Global Data Hub technology which is integrated with Metaquotes’ trades data foundation.

Since our copy trade platform uses the same interface as Metaquotes, we show every detail of the trade executed, including position, order and deal time. This may help clients to keep a tally with the market when using our copy trades technology to make sure the trades are executed to liquidity providers without any delays.

Problems Solved by KPC

Case Scenario:

If a client uses a third-party copy trade platform (referred to as A) and the fund is in a broker (referred to as B).

There is a possibility of having losses during the copy trade process due to:


A delay is the copy trade platform’s trade processing speed.


The client’s trade has slippage.


Missing/wrong trade execution from the copy trade platform.

Let’s say the client wants to complain to the relevant party to claim his loss. He will face difficulties when the trade needs to be audited if it lacks crucial data when the copy trade platform is not using the interface of Metaquotes.

 Here are some examples, if the client wants to lodge a complaint about the situation to:


They may provide their trade executed time statement to prove that their system is working fine and the quoted price they received from the market at that moment is accurate.

Brokers may suggest that the copy trade platform caused the problem due to delays when executing the trade. In this case, the copy trade platform plays an important role which they need to provide all the relevant records, including position, deal and order time of that particular trade in order for the audit process to go smoothly for every party.

Copy Trade Platform

If the copy trade platform does not have the date for the trade execution, they would be unable to provide the necessary information needed for the audit. The platform would claim that their system works perfectly without any delays as there is no data to prove otherwise.

The copy trade platform may claim that they are just an intermediate party that passes trading data from a master to a follower’s account, and they do not keep the client’s fund. Thus, the client must bear the responsibility when using the copy trade platform’s service (client acknowledgement clause).

KPC Keeps You Safe and Informed

With the advantage of KPC latest technologies, we are accountable and take responsibility for our client’s trades. Therefore, if there are any issues, clients can directly enquire and contact our customer support to get the problem solved.

KPC’s STP business model ensures all trading prices passes through our cooperated liquidity providers to make sure all individual client’s trade is safe and tick data quality is guaranteed when trading.

Our innovative copy trade system allows institutional clients to offer extra value to their clients with full confidence. They can copy trades from experienced traders with our Global Data Hub technology.

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